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Philips Norelco 3d Shaver is part of a company-wide movement to go Greener!

You have a lot of choices when you go to buy an electric shaver.  Philips Norelco is helping you make your choice a green one.

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Philips Norelco has a company-wide initiative target sales of it’s green products.  The Green Innovation’s goal is to have 50% of the company’s sales come from it’s green product line by 2015.

In a press release on February 23, 2012, Jim Andrew, the recently appointed Chairman of the Sustainability Board and Philips’ Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, stated that Philips Norelco just hit 39% of its sales with its 2011 year-end report.

Andrews went on to say, ““Our aim is to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation and we are pleased to report that in 2011, we already touched over 465 million lives.”

That is an impressive number and the question for you is, are you one of the 465 million?  If not, then you should be.  The Philips Norelco 3d line of electric shavers is an easy way to make your lifestyle greener.

How can you become more green when you buy Philips Norelco 3d electric shaver?

Number 1 – You can shave on dry skin so you do not need to waste water while shaving.  A typical man uses 3-5 gallons of water to shave every day.  That adds up to 1,825 gallons of water a year you could save.

Number 2 – You don’t need shaving cream.  Not only will you save money from not having to purchase shaving cream every other month, you won’t be throwing empty containers into the trash.  That is a double savings for you and the environment.

Number 3 – Let’s talk blades.  How many shaves do you get per razor?  The average man gets about a dozen to 20 shaves per razor.  After that it gets dull and the risk of nicks rises.  So even if you stretch it, you are buying new blades every month.  That adds up to more waste and more dollars.  The reports on how often you will have to replace your shaver head vary from once every 12 months to once every 4 years.  You do the math on that one – that more dollars in your pocket and a whole lot less trash.

Who knew an electric razor would help the environment?  So next time you head to the grocery store to buy new blades – stop and think – is it time for you to make the change to an electric shaver?  You can go green with a Philips Norelco 3d Shaver here.

Electric shavers buying guide

Foil head shavers are better for sensitive skins, as they give a closer shave and cause minimal irritation.electric razor buying guide    Cleaning foil head shavers is easier than rotary blades. They shave closer, but the long flat head doesn’t move so easily over the contours of your face. Since this type typically features pivoting heads, the rotary shaver is usually the much easier type of shaver when it comes to overall maneuverability. This is a very effective way of cutting small hairs because each hair will enter the tiny openings on the head of the rotary shaver. Cleaning stations may also leave the razor with a fresh, clean scent. The electric saver is most popular useful choice for men to use in daily routine to shave excess facial hair. Most rotary shavers are designed to conform to the contours of your face allowing for less pressure for a smoother shaving experience. As you will go through this electric shaver buying guide, you will learn more about the features that come with one and how these are beneficial to you. Foil head shavers come in single foil heads, which are for slow-beard growth or for finer hair; dual foil heads suitable for sensitive skin and coarse hair growth; and triple foil heads that suit longer hair or for the flat-lying ones on neck and under lips.

Rotary bladesThese use 3 heads, with spinning discs that cut hair. Foil electric shavers are more uniform and typically provide a much closer cut than their rotary counterparts. This is where the spinning blades cut down the hairs until your beard or body hair reaches the desired length. Many men bemoan the fact that as the hair on their heads thin, the hair everywhere else grows long and lush. When we have lot of option then it’s too hard for choosing which one is best electric shaver and suitable for your skin. One of the pitfalls of a rotary shaver is it takes longer to get a good shave (depending on brand, there are some really good rotary shavers that work excellent!). You have to work the shaver in circular motions slowly over the face. The Benefits of Buying an Electric ShaverBefore you go through this electric razor buying guide, it is important to know what an electric razor actually offers. There are certain problems with using foil head shavers as well, which include. Each head flexes and travels more easily over your face’s contours, but won’t shave quite as close.

The term “foil” actually refers to a relatively thin layer of metallic mesh that covers the blades. The prime benefit of the rotary shaver is its ability to pivot so that you can cut at different angles. To that end, a good trimmer is an essential grooming tool. That’s why we make list out the top 10 best electric Shaver which are proven to provide a great close shave, are comfortable to use and won’t irritate your skin. Often, you may need to hit the same are several time to get desired results. With an electric shaver, you can save the time and hassle that is associated with a disposable razor. They are not suitable if you shave after longer intervals or have long hair to shave. Dry shavers can be used anywhere at any time. As a result of this protective metal layer, these blades are typically more sensitive skin-friendly than rotary blades, but also slightly less maneuverable. This versatility will allow you to work with the angles of the area that you wish to shave and provides very specific benefits when you’re shaving around the nose, jaw line, or chin areas of your face. Trimmers exist to tidy up hairs in the ears, nose and brow, and to cut and shape beards.

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