How to Choose a Food Processor ?

This website has information about a variety of different top food processors and by a wide range of different brands, with information on which are the best and lowest price food processors in india on the market today.

Small Food Processors are convenient little food processors that are about 3 cups in size. They are great for prep work in the kitchen or for making salad dressing or chopping up spices. Most of these are easy to use and easy to clean without many parts. They also fit nicely in the dish washer.

Juicer Processor is usually bought for its juicing capability, but it is also works as a food processor to make nut butter, ice cream and pasta. And some food processors have a juicer built in. These are great multifunction appliances.

Viking Food Processor is made by the company that makes the great stoves. There food processor is a mix between a commercial and a home appliance–similar to their stoves. It has a nice commercial look to it. This would look great in any modern kitchen.

Commercial Food Processors are made for high volume hard work. One of the great features of the best of them is the continuous feed. Also they can use many different types of cutting plates–One has 34.

Food Juicer comes in electric and manual styles. This are different from your standare food processor. Some even look like an old metal meat grinder. You might be surprised to learn that many of the manual ones are more expensive than the electric models.

Reviews of Food Processors

KitchenAid  KFP750WH 12 cup Food Processor

The KitchenAid  KFP750WH 12 cup Food Processor is another “Goliath” in the world of home food processing units. This tall appliance is meant to handle jobs of all sizes with its 700 watts of power quietly working within the sealed housing of the unit. Rubber padding on the bottom holds everthing in place while you are working. This machine offers a 12 cup bowl for the really big jobs and a 4 cup minibowl with its own blade for much smaller jobs.

Concerns have been raised about the amount of liquid that can be added because of the shortness of the center shaft. It seems that 4 cups of liquid is about all you can have before you will encounter overflow problems. Those who feel the minibowl is too small may need to just switch to the bigger bowl to avoid overflow issues there. Other concerns are about the upward-facing lip that might occasionally interfere with processing all the food, leaving chunks to be dealt with after the fact.

This Kitchenaid food processor comes with its own convenient storage case for all the 7-piece accessories kit, including the 3 slicing discs, the dough blade and special spatula. It seems as if you will be able to slice, dice, chop and puree to your hearts content with this machine. All accessories are dishwasher safe and the control botton pad is sealed to protect it from staining. Be careful of the very sharp blade inserts, but other than that your easy-to-use and easy-to-clean food processor can have you experimenting with new recipes and creative food ideas in no time at all.

What I really love about this Kitchenaid food processor is that you have a choice of many colors, even pink – Fabulous! – Just look below for your favorite color.

Cusinart DLC-10S 7 cup Pro Classic Food Processor

The Cusinart DLC-10S 7 cup Pro Classic Food Processor offers a lot of the standard features you might expect. It seems as if food processors have become a staple in almost every kitchen today. Their versatility and ease of doing otherwise unpleasant chores have made them a popular appliance for many people. The food processor’s 4 basic attachments allow you to slice, shred, mix, chop and even knead bread, although some have found that large loaves tend to overtax the motor slightly.

Because the components of this food processor are made of lexan parts, they can be happily be popped in your dishwasher without concern for cracking or discoloring. This is really handy when you have just finished a messy job such as shredding cheese, mincing garlic or emulsifying mayonnaise. Chopping onions is also so much easier when it can be done mechanically instead of by hand. The two feed tube positions allows you space for items as large as a potato and as small as a clove of garlic.

Whilst 7 cups sounds like a lot of room, this particular Cuisinart food processor is really designed for smaller jobs. A larger 14 cup model might be more suitable if you are frequently preparing meals for a large family or crowd. Watching the included 30 minute DVD and using the recipes from the 50 page booklet will help you become friends with this appliance quickly. From there, creating your own kitchen masterpieces with your Cuisinart pro classic food processor is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Tips needs to be consider before buying a Food Processor and Juicer

If you’re usually cooking for a family of four or preparing single-batch doughs, an 11-cup size should suffice. They’re perfect for little jobs like chopping one onion, making a cup of dressing or pesto, or chopping nuts. Even juice extractors with long cords typically have some way to hide the cord when you’re not using the unit. Only then will you be able to truly make an educated decision as to which specific model is going to be of the particular type that is going to be the best option for you. Basically, you have to shop a lot if you expect to use the juicer regularly. The type of juicer you choose largely depends on what you like to drink. We’ve taken noise measurements of the models we’ve tested and found that they range from 68dB to 90dB. If you’re often chopping small amounts of herbs or nuts, or making small quantities of sauces, seek out a processor that includes a small work bowl and blade, or consider also investing in a separate 3-cup “prep” processor for these tasks.

If you’ll be cooking for larger groups of people, making multiple batches of dough, or want a food processor that can handle additional tasks like grating and slicing you’ll want to go with a larger model with a bigger work bowl. Your juicer should be washed after each use, so help speed up cleaning time by finding a juicer with some dishwasher-safe parts (the main unit with the motor should always be wiped by hand).We think that for most people, a centrifugal juicer is the best value. There certainly are a number of differences between different models of the same type. The more you juice the more you are going to spend. In our testing, there was the same amount of prep work for both types. For comparison, a typical conversation is carried out at roughly 60dB, while city traffic is measured at around 80dB. Some food processors come with an entire assortment of accessories intended to maximize your use of the machine.

Our tip: It’s always best to go up a bit in bowl size if you’re not sure to enable added cooking flexibility.But if you’re dedicated to juicing, want the best possible model, and have a bigger budget, consider a masticating juicer, also called a slow juicer. These differences allow us to recommend one particular model over another, as we do later on. Living healthy isn’t cheap and neither is juicing. Sometimes called centrifugal juicers, these types use a rapidly whirling disk to cut fruit or vegetables into tiny pieces that are then spun to separate the juice from the pulp. The quietest models we tested will still require you to raise your voice if you’re having a conversation. These can include different sized work bowls and blades, disks that slice and grate foods to varying degrees of thickness, and even attachments and speed settings that turn the processor into a citrus juicer or a bread dough kneader. It’s important to consider what types of cooking tasks you’d ideally want your food processor to help with.


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